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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 28, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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one down, and two to go! the bay area is catching its breath during this lull between storm fronts. and now that the first round of rain has passed, residents, utility workers, and emergency crews are all taking the brief opportunity to clean up and get ready for round 2.
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the first system packed quite a punch, knocking trees down all around the bay area, rain and high winds lashing berkeley among other places. and other parts of the bay area had to deal with vast flooding. drivers in mill valley gingerly passing through. some vehicles actually became flooded. the storm front kicked up strong winds in pacifica. some brave surfers took this break in the weather to catch waves in the storm activity. strongest storms though are yet to come. let's hope they don't go out then! jacqueline is here, keeping tabs on the next systems. what's going on? >> right now we're seeing drier conditions around the bay area, increasing cloud cover. and into tomorrow, more rain is expected. but the good news is
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it's not going to be coming until later on tomorrow. the north bay may get some rain earlier in the day, but it's not expected to move through until tomorrow evening into friday morning. you can see the system sitting offshore right now, it's a big one. the core of it right here, the tail end stretching well offshore and down to the south. it's going to mean heavy rainfall. today, rainfall totals nearly 2 inches in petaluma. over one anch in santa rose -- an inch of rain in santa rosa. gusts, 72 miles an hour in los gatos, 41 in sfo. the chance of rain is going to be in the north bay throughout
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tomorrow, but not until 10:00 will it extend to the rest of the bay area. we're going to time it out on futurecast coming up. today's storm caused a few hundred outages, and they expect more this week. so pg&e is preparing for the next wave. here's video from the materials yard in the east bay. when the storms hit, workers will clock 16-hour days. >> storms are an "all hands on deck" situation. these storms can take out entire communities. >> this is the most rain i've seen all year come through here. >> when power lines go down, workers will first try and reroute the power, but it can take more time if the poles
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fall. and long delays at sfo with some flights be canceled all together. delays due to weather are not uncommon at sfo due to the way the runways are set up. >> we are two, pushing three at this point. >> we're supposed to take off at 2:30, now we're not taking off until 7:00. >> i believe we'll be trapped here forever. >> officials say you should always call your airline to check whether your flight has been delayed. and with more rain and wind on the way, delays are expected. problems already showing up today. earlier this afternoon, firefighters used chainsaws to cut chunks of fallen trees and get them off the road. in martinez, another tree came
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falling down near the junior high school causing power outages. crews advise drivers to use alternate routes while picking up their children from school earlier today. stay with us as we continue to track the storm. new tonight at 11:00, oakland police are asking for the public's help in finding a missing teenager, 16-year-old shayien white walked away from a group home to coolidge avenue. she is considered at-risk because of her diminished mental capacity which they say is that of a 9 to 12-year-old. oakland police recovering 36 shell casings from the scene where two girls were shot to
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death on sunday. loved ones of the victims in shock and mourning tonight. >> reporter: their hearts go out to the family of one of their own. school administrators announced that 15-year-old raquel gerstel was shot to death sunday morning. the second victim, her best friend, bobbie sartain. the district superintendent of human resources says the crisis intervention team is on standby in case a large number of students, teachers, or parents need counseling. in the meantime, the school has made one staff psychologist and five counselors available for anyone who needs help. police have not released much information on this case. it's unclear as to
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why gerstel and sartain were on the 2,600-block of neema avenue in oakland just before 6:00 sunday morning or why they were shot. no arrests have been made in a case that is still ongoing. administrators and staff at st. francis in san jose addressed parents tonight during a special meeting about an incident involving a convicted sexual offender who is registered and allowed to be on campus last month. reggie kumar tells us some parents have fixed feelings about the meeting, and some have more questions than they do answers. >> reporter: carroll brooks immediately pulled her 5-year-old granddaughter out of st. francis month's incident involving this man, convicted sex offender america guries. brooks says she learned that he had been on
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campus more often than just the one time during the festival. >> we heard tonight that the whole area here has been rekeyed, so he obviously had keys to certain things. we might have had a key to one of the backrooms. so it's devastating, i'm very upset about it. i just joined the parish, which i am not going to come. i feel like there was nothing answered. it was just a bunch of finger-pointing. it took five hours for that person to be marched off the property. but it doesn't sound like it was from the help of the father who was protecting him and saying that we should have forgiveness in our hearts. >> reporter: other parents would only talk to me offcamera. they say the diocese will no longer release letters to volunteers, and parents plan to push state lawmakers to close a loophole in the state's registered sex offender law.
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a deadly factory fire in bangladesh, and why some local companies are feeling the heat. >> why two families fought it out in the halls of justice. >> later in this broadcast, the warriors fudge the truth! harpaw drags it out! and -- harbaugh drags it out! and which nba player sells more injuriesies than anybody in the world.
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the search has been called off for the suspects who led oakland police on a wild chase. officers tried to pullover a car with what opd says were gang members inside: the driver of the car took off. this is video from sky7 abc 7 news. police stopped following the car because of safety concerns.
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the suspects crashed and fled the area on foot. merchandise from the united states was found in the charred ruins of the factory fire in bangladesh. a number of companies say their clothing suppliers were not authorized on use that factory. the associated press reportedly discovered clothing connected to a number of companies, some of them based in the bay area. disney/pixar, gap, walmart, sears and other western labels. the blaze killed 112 people. meanwhile, police there have arrested factory officials suspected of locking the workers inside that building. >> more rain is on the way as we head into tomorrow, friday, saturday, and sunday! we'll track all the storms coming up.
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more rain in store for tomorrow, especially for the north bay. friday afternoon, rain will continue to push in. rain on saturday, rain on sunday. but we'll finally see a break early next week. drier conditions around the bay area this evening. some cloud cover still streaming in. we're going to continue to say ran rain in
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the north bay into tomorrow. the core of the system is going to push in offshore here, tapping into some subtropical moisture. and that just means we're going to see heavier rain. this is going to stay parked over the north bay into tomorrow. so that will mean a chance of the far north bay tomorrow. 7:00, showers near santa rosa, same thing through the 4:00 hour, more shower activity down through other parts of the north bay. 10:00, that's when the main frontal band is expected to push through. you can see the heavier rain approaching santa rosa by 10:00, 1:00, petaluma. by 5:00 am approaching the golden gate. then it's going to spread south of the golden gate by 8:00. continuing until about 1:00 in the afternoon. so several hours of this heavy rain will mean higher totals than today.
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today's system was quick-moving. futurecast rainfall totals, 8:00 tomorrow, showers falling pretty much all day in the north bay. about a half inch in santa rosa. and more rain in the north bay. 5:00, the rain was largely concentrated in the north bay until then. not nearly as much south of the golden gate. rainfall totals getting up to an inch of rain in places like oakland, exceeding that now. nearly an inch in san francisco. take a look up at santa rosa and napa. over 2 inches of rain. this is going to be a bigger rain maker because it's going to stay parked over the bay area longer. your extended forecast, north bay showers through the morning but otherwise cry around the bay area. rain into -- dry around the bay area. a lull friday before light rain moves in for saturday, and another
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round of heavy rain in store for sunday morning. tonight we are getting our first look at a teenaged murder suspect accused of going on a violent crime spree. the 15-year-old appeared in a san jose courtroom today. >> reporter: he was in court for less than a minute. and the entire time showed absolutely no emotion. 15-year-old adonis mulldrow is charged as an adult after he and his partner robbed a number of stores at gun point, attempted to carjack a man and then killed him, and tried to kill a police officer. >> it was important to get him off the streets as quickly as possible. >> how does a 15-year-old who's not even old enough to drive the getaway car get involved in a case like that? >> reporter: it all happened on november 16th. his accomplice was arrested that night.
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but it took detectives a week to find the 15-year-old. the da won't address the nature of the relationship between the two suspects but say the teenager was a willing participant. >> it appears that the juvenile was hip-deep in this crime spree and had a gun in his hand and pulled the trigger. that's a game-changer for the juvenile. >> reporter: he is being held without bail. both suspects will be back in court on december 5th. and depending on the evidence introduced, that will determine whether they're tried together or separately. 2 political rivals sitting down for a meal tomorrow. president obama and mitt romney will meet for a private lunch at the white house. it is the first meeting between the two since their last debate. president obama promised in his victory speech earlier this month that he would meet with romney following their bitter campaign. the two men will have luch in the private dining room of the -- lunch in the dining
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room of the white house. mr. romney is also scheduled to meet with paul ryan. [ crowd noise ] this wild scene broke out in a milwaukee courthouse today after a driver was sentenced to prison for hitting and killing a boy. he received a year behind bars and one year probation for the fatal crash. the victim's family members became upset with that sentence and started brawling with ashford's relatives. as many as two dozen people were involved in the altercation. several were injured. at least three were arrested. coming up is the alex smith era over for the 49ers? and tempers flare at the garden as boston and brooklyn mix it up in the nba. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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good evening, everybody. it's official who will start for the 49ers at quarterback sunday in st. louis. look at the crowd that turned out today for harbaugh to say, i'd say 99% of the folk who is care about this stuff knew that it'd be collin kaepernick and that alex smiths was going to have to sit.
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harbaugh said i want this guy. i'm sorry, alex, but in the draft a couple years ago you said bring me in this kid from nevada. he's got special, special skills. and jim still put in a position, he has to make it sound like alex is not being thrown away. it's a tough situation for a coach. and you have to bring out your bs powers. >> you've got two quarterbacks that we feel great about as the starting quarterback. both have earned it, both deserve it, and alex over a long period of time, collin by virtue of the last three games. and it tips the scales, collin we believe has the hot hand, and we'll go with collin. >> i don't know if it's a hot hand or whatever you want to call it. i'm just happy i got to go back out there. alex has been great. our relationship hasn't changed. he's been a great help to get me to where i am right now. >> looks like the end of the
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road for a player the raiders thought would be an outstanding nfl linebacker. rollando mcclaine said he was no longer a raider, then a few hours later he had to take it down, translate it he wanted to get the rest of the money they owe him. let them make the announcement. he didn't practice today. he had a serious run-in with the law a year ago. more to the point, he has not been performing well. and the raiders apparently have had enough. they will announce it tomorrow. and a sad night for sports casters. it's the last time for a while we'll be able to show that kick in the groin. we've been able to do it every night for about a week. sorry, pam. get your last look . he was fined $30,000. >> i heard. >> in local news, we don't pander. that had to be shown every show!
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the news on the warriors center andrew bogut keeps getting worse. traded for monta ellis a year ago, and most important member of the franchise fhe can play war -- if he can play, warriors have an all-star caliber player. he's got a little foot surgery, but now we find out that we had a microfracture, and he's getting a little annoyed because the warriors keep saying maybe he'll play in a week. he says no timetable now, i have to get healthy. it's no minor surgery. so who knows when he will play again? nets, a little scuffle tonight. look what chris humphrey, just boom. he -- kevin garnett was off-balance, and he pushed him, and everybody
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went after chris humphreys. hasn't been beat up that much since chris jenner went after him. [ laughter ] >> the nets beat the celtics 95-83. by the way, they are still married. >> they're fighting. >> and the attorney in los angeles is doing what she can. attorney in los angeles is doing hey, look!an. a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. on any new volkswagen. oh, it's great!
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